Emergency Assistance North America

Emergency Assistance North America

Cost Containment - Emergency Assistance North America

Cost Containment

Our Cost Containment Department negotiates medical bills, deals with auditing and assessing of medical invoicing and treatment, as well as fraud detection. EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE NORTH AMERICA provides in-house negotiation services while relying on an extensive network of PPOs.

In-House Negotiation Division:
Our Negotiation Division examines costs on a claim-by-claim basis.  The Emergency Assistance Team includes a senior medical practitioner and professionals recognized by the industry.  EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE NORTH AMERICA delivers rigorous cost control and consistently achieves considerable savings on medical expenses.

PPO Networks:
EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE NORTH AMERICA, through its affiliation with major PPO networks, provides universal access to medical providers at preferential rates.

Audits and Assessments:
EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE NORTH AMERICA ensures that hospitalization occurs only when medically necessary and in the most cost-effective setting.  After a patient is admitted, we undertake daily care management procedures (breadth and scope of care, timely discharge, cost efficient alternative care).